Vertical Dreamers 25k & Finally Unlocaked Kutubdia

Vertical Dreamers 25k & Finally Unlocaked Kutubdia

In Bangladesh, the Vertical Dreamers 25k is one of three prestigious events. Before this particular race, I had a two-week rest from the intense running month. Although there were two categories of running, 25k and 52k ultra, I chose to go for the 25k due to the insane elevation on the track. Initially, it was supposed to happen on the Alikodom-Thanchi road, beside Dimpahar. However, due to political issues near the Myanmar border, the track was relocated to the Bandarban Chimbuk road.

When It was about to happen in the Alikodom, I knew I could not participate as I had an office meeting the previous day. However, when the location changed, I decided to take the shot towards an uncertain journey to reach the Bandarban. Previously I visited Bandarban over 15 times, so I know some routes, so I can reach to the city before 3 AM.

I reached Bandarban very early in the morning, around 2 am. There, I collected my BIB and then encountered some familiar faces.

One of my previous running partners was already there, and we surprisingly had a similar pace. So, we started running together. At around 3 km, we reached a U-turn leading to a hill. Although it was physically devastating, the natural beauty was serene. I encountered another mind-blowing view during the last U-turn.

My partner experienced muscle cramps twice and received long massages twice at two hydration points. Overall, it took us around 4 hours and 30 minutes.

After collecting the medal, I opted to visit Kutubdia Island. I had previously tried twice to go there, but due to very bad weather, I was unable to reach it. This time, the weather was nice, and I went there by a small boat. It is famous for its lighthouse and windmills. Although the lighthouse was broken, the windmills were still standing.

This race day adventure was not just another running event. The hill track was exceptionally challenging but worth every bit. Additionally, I enjoyed utilizing the second day on a nice island.