UCR Half Marathon: End of a super intense month

UCR Half Marathon: End of a super intense month

I was not completely prepared for this half marathon. Even the Rasjkandi Hill 25K was troublesome for me. In the last three weeks, I ran an ultra-marathon, a full marathon, and then 25 kilometers over the hills. Instead of making an immediate decision, I waited until the last day before the event. Fortunately, the day before the event, I felt good and decided to take the shot.

I reached the raceground quite early, around 4:30 PM. I collected the kit; however, the jersey was not available by then. In about an hour, I found some familiar faces and had some conversations about the previous events.

The starting point of the 21KM race was 1.5 KM away from the raceground. After reaching there, I found my favorite pacer. He was aiming to complete the run in 2 hours and 40 minutes. My plan was to run with him for at least 1 hour and later, if possible, increase the speed.

During the run, we discussed a lot of things, including the motive behind the run. It was great to hear the different backgrounds of other runners and their initial inspirations. All the way, he guided us with stepping and breathing instructions.

After crossing 15 KM, I decided to push myself further. Until that date, my personal best for the half marathon was 2 hours and 33 minutes. This time, I reduced it by 6 minutes, achieving a new personal best.

After the run, I met a few fellow runners, collected the medal, food, and returned home.

This was the last event of my intense month of running. Now, I am focusing on recovery training and will continue with recovery exercises until the end of the month.