UCR 25k: Record Distance Achieved with New Milestone

UCR 25k: Record Distance Achieved with New Milestone

Setting a New Milestone at 25k

After a month-long break from running events and having primarily participated in half marathons (21 km), I was ready to set a new personal milestone with a 25k race. The fact that this event was taking place in Aftab Nagar, Dhaka, brought a sense of comfort due to its proximity, unlike my previous runs in distant locations like Netrokona, Kaptai, Cox's Bazar, and Narshindi.

Intensified Training for the Challenge

In preparation for this new challenge, I intensified my training regimen. Previously, my routine included 5 km runs and free workouts. For the 25k, I increased my running distance to 10 km or more and also extended my workout durations to build endurance.

Race Day: Early Start and Organized Venue

On the day of the race, I planned to arrive at Aftab Nagar by 5:00 a.m. Although initially considering camping at the venue the night before, I decided against it and reached the ground around 4:30 a.m. The organizers, experienced in hosting running events, had arranged all necessary facilities for runners, including a camping site, washrooms, and storage booths.

The Race: Strategy and Performance

I began the race with a faster pace than usual, maintaining momentum for the first 3 km. This strategy helped me navigate through the initial crowd of runners. The race consisted of three laps, each approximately 7.5 km. After completing two laps, I aligned my pace with a pacer I had followed in my first official half marathon, aiming to finish within 3 hours. This familiar strategy paid off, and I completed the race in 2 hours and 59 minutes.

This 25k race in Aftab Nagar was not just about pushing my limits; it was a learning experience in strategy and endurance. Meeting my target time and finishing strong reinforced my confidence in distance running. It was a testament to the importance of preparation, strategy, and learning from past experiences in the world of running.