A Journey to Bashbaria, Parki, and Patenga Sea Beach

A Journey to Bashbaria, Parki, and Patenga Sea Beach

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Sitakundu, in Chittagong, has always been one of my favorite destinations in Bangladesh, and on this occasion, I decided to explore two magnificent sea beaches: Bashbaria and Parki. Bashbaria is celebrated for its long steel bridge, while Parki is famous for its abandoned ship.

Exploring Bashbaria: Where Steel Bridges Meet the Sea

Bashbaria boasts several long steel bridges, with half of them stretching over the mudflats and the rest connecting to the water. The seashore in Bashbaria is absolutely breathtaking, offering a unique contrast to the traditional sea beaches we are accustomed to.

During the low tide period, Bashbaria presents its most stunning scenery. Unlike a typical seashore, it resembles a lush green field with scattered small holes dotting the landscape. I have visited Bashbaria several times and once had the memorable experience of falling asleep on that beach.

From Bashbaria, we ventured onward to Kumira Beach, a bustling center for boats heading to the picturesque island of Sandhip. This visit heightened my longing for an upcoming camping expedition on the tranquil shores of Sandhip. Kumira serves as an entry point to yet another renowned camping destination in Bangladesh, known as Sondhip.

Although our next destination was Parki, we made a brief stop in Patenga along the way, spending an hour there. As it was the weekend and a highly popular spot in Chittagong city, the area was bustling with a high density of tourists.

Discovering Parki: Where an Abandoned Ship Tells a Tale

Parki’s charm lies in its unique feature — a stranded, abandoned ship. Caught in the grip of a cyclone, the recovery cost proved too exorbitant, and the company opted to leave it on Parki Island. Over time, curious travelers began visiting the beach to catch a glimpse of this iconic shipwreck, turning it into a must-visit tourist attraction.

Savoring Chittagong’s Culinary Delights

On our way back, our taste buds led us to experience the traditional Chittagong dish known as “Mejjan.” To satisfy our cravings, we dined at the renowned restaurant “Mejjan Haile Ayun,” savoring the flavors of this distinctive cuisine.

Our day tour to Sitakundu was a journey of discovery and culinary delights. The scenic beauty of Bashbaria’s steel bridges and Parki’s shipwreck was complemented by the rich taste of Mejjan. Sitakundu never fails to amaze, offering unique experiences that beckon travelers like me. As we returned to Dhaka the following morning, our hearts were filled with memories of this wonderful exploration, and we eagerly anticipated our next adventure in Sitakundu.