Unveiling the Hidden Trekking Route from Bichanakandi to Jaflong

Unveiling the Hidden Trekking Route from Bichanakandi to Jaflong

Bichanakandi and Jaflong are renowned tourist destinations in the Sylhet region, known for their natural beauty and captivating landscapes. However, there exists a lesser-known gem connecting these two destinations — a trekking route that was only recently discovered. Join us on a thrilling day tour as we explore this hidden pathway, offering a budget-friendly and relatively easy trekking adventure.

While Bichanakandi and Jaflong are well-frequented, the trekking route between them remains a hidden secret. Recently, a group of adventurous explorers unearthed this off-the-beaten-path gem. The allure of a day tour, manageable trekking, and cost-effectiveness made it an irresistible choice for my friend and me.

To embark on this unique journey, I reached out to the group of individuals who had commercially started conducting treks on this route. Their expertise and knowledge promised an unforgettable experience. With the weekend approaching, we eagerly joined their expedition, setting our sights on Sylhet.

Our adventure began in Sylhet, where we boarded a leguna (a modified pickup van for public transportation). This leg of our journey took us to the banks of the Goayn River, where a boat ride awaited to transport us to Bichanakandi, the starting point of our trek. Typically the trekking does not start with the boat. However, due to heavy rain from a day earlier, the roads went under water and we had no option other than to rent a boat.

Most of our trek was spent by the side of the Goayn River, whose origin lies in Jaflong. We found ourselves in the vicinity of the India-Bangladesh border, journeying through picturesque countryside. The serene beauty of the river and its surroundings offered a tranquil backdrop to our exploration. Throughout the entire morning, the clouds remained present, creating a stunning blanket atop the mountains.

During our journey, we crossed the river multiple times—occasionally navigating on our own and at other times utilizing a boat. Along the way, we encountered several small villages.

After several hours of trekking, we reached a quaint town near Jaflong. To complete the final leg of our journey, we hopped on an auto-rickshaw, continuing our adventure toward Jaflong itself.

By the time we arrived in Jaflong, the afternoon sun was casting a warm glow over the landscape. We took a break to savor a delicious lunch, immersing ourselves in the local flavors. With renewed energy, we embarked on a further leguna ride, journeying back to Sylhet city.

The hidden trekking route from Bichanakandi to Jaflong offers an unforgettable adventure, revealing the unexplored beauty of Sylhet. This journey allowed us to traverse a path rarely taken, winding through enchanting landscapes and captivating countryside. As the sun set on our day of exploration, we returned to Dhaka with memories of an extraordinary adventure that unveiled the hidden gems of Sylhet, leaving us with a profound appreciation for the beauty that lies off the beaten path.