The Missed Adventure to Kutubdia

The Missed Adventure to Kutubdia

Cox’s Bazar, home to the world’s longest sea beach, is undeniably one of Bangladesh’s most popular tourist destinations. Typically bustling with visitors, it transforms into a serene haven just before the Eid festival, making it the perfect time for my friend and me to embark on an adventure that included a visit to Kutubdia, a remote island in the Bay of Bengal. Unfortunately, due to the rough weather and turbulent seas, our plans to reach Kutubdia were thwarted. However, we made the most of our time by exploring the stunning Cox’s Bazar.

Having visited Cox’s Bazar several times in the past, we were well acquainted with its charms. As a lover of sea beaches, there was absolutely nothing to regret.

Our journey began with an excursion to Inani Beach on the first day. Here, massive rocks and corals adorned the shoreline, yet it was disheartening to witness the adverse effects of local markets encroaching on nature’s beauty. Particularly concerning were the motor vehicles on the beach, posing a threat to the marine ecosystem.

As the day waned, we savored freshly caught sea fish prepared by local fishermen, who skillfully cooked them to perfection — either fried or barbecued. The delectable taste of the seafood lingered in our memories.

On our second day, we indulged in some shopping and explored the museum, a must-visit spot during every trip to Cox’s Bazar. The museum’s large aquarium never fails to captivate my fascination, offering a glimpse into the underwater wonders of the Bay of Bengal.

As the day wore on, the reality sank in that our plans to reach Kutubdia would remain unfulfilled. After a satisfying lunch, we reluctantly boarded a bus to return to Dhaka, our hearts still longing for the adventure that might have been.

While our journey didn’t take us to the remote shores of Kutubdia as planned, our time in Cox’s Bazar allowed us to appreciate the serene beauty of this world-renowned sea beach and the need to protect it from the encroachment of modernity. Bangladesh’s coastal wonders continue to beckon, promising future adventures yet to come.