Sreemangal, Exploring the Enchanting Waterfalls and Tea Gardens

Sreemangal, Exploring the Enchanting Waterfalls and Tea Gardens

Sreemangal: A Nature Lover’s Oasis

Sreemangal, my second favorite destination in Bangladesh, has a special place in my heart. While Dimpahar boasts the highest road in Bangladesh, the roads in Moulavibazar, weaving through the tea gardens, are truly exceptional. The best time to experience their enchantment is in the morning when a gentle blanket of fog covers these roads, creating a serene and magical atmosphere that makes me never want to leave the city.

As Sreemangal is conveniently close to Dhaka, typically just a 4-hour bus ride away, it has become my go-to destination for a quick rejuvenation escape after a hectic week. This time, my friends and I decided to explore some of the beautiful waterfalls in the region, and what we discovered was truly breathtaking.

Exploring Famous Madhobkundu

On our first day, we began our journey at the crack of dawn by visiting the Madhobkundu Eco Park. The park is home to two magnificent waterfalls, Madhobkundu and Parikundu. We arrived at the park gates before they officially opened, and with a little patience and a friendly chat with the guard, we were granted early access. The park was exceptionally quiet and serene as we were the only visitors at that early hour. Thanks to the recent heavy rainfall, Madhobkundu waterfall was brimming with water, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

A Hidden Gem: Parikundu Waterfall

Parikundu, though close to Madhobkundu, is usually restricted to tourists. However, our persistence paid off, and we managed to convince the caretaker to guide us to this hidden gem.

While Parikundu was not as massive as Madhobkundu, its beauty was equally captivating.

Another Visit to “Sitesh Babu’r Chiriakhana”

In the evening, we took a rickshaw ride to visit the renowned “Sitesh Babu’r Chiriakhana,” a private zoo owned by a person named Sitesh Babu. Having been here a couple of times before, there was nothing new for me, but it always feels good to see creatures that are not confined within cages.

The Thrill of Hamham Waterfall

On our next day, we embarked on an adventure to discover the Hamham waterfall. After reaching the basecamp via CNG, we arranged with the driver for a return trip. There, we met a group of 7–8 people and joined forces to reduce our ticket and guide fees. Two routes lead to Hamham: one through the mountain and the other along a trail. While the mountain route is more challenging, it’s a quicker option. Due to the rainy season and the potential for flash floods, we opted for the mountain path.

Being a regular hiker, I found the ascent relatively easy, but some of my companions struggled with the steep terrain. When we finally reached the waterfall, it was in its full glory, thanks to heavy rainfall the previous night. We took a refreshing swim, captured some memorable photos, and retraced our steps along the same route.

To recapitulate, Sreemangal, with its breathtaking landscapes, serene tea gardens, and enchanting waterfalls, is a nature lover’s paradise. Whether you seek tranquility on misty morning roads, explore hidden waterfalls, or visit unique attractions, this charming town in Bangladesh has something to offer everyone. The memories I’ve collected here make it a place I’ll always return to for a dose of nature’s beauty and serenity.