Seeking Waterfalls, Breaking from the Team

Seeking Waterfalls, Breaking from the Team

Alikodom, nestled in the heart of Bandarban, promises a pristine natural wonderland, a haven for cascading waterfalls and awe-inspiring mountains. In our quest to delve deeper into this enchanting region, we embarked on an expedition to explore some of the hidden waterfalls that Alikodom had to offer.

Our adventure commenced with a direct bus journey from Dhaka to Alikodom. The real excitement, however, awaited us beyond, as we headed towards Dusri Bazar, a starting point for many treks in Alikodom, accessible via a serene two-hour boat ride along the Towain Khal.

A Challenging Start

Our first destination was the Thankoyan Waterfall, an enticing prospect for our team. However, some of our members were novice trekkers and non-swimmers, prompting us to choose the mountain route. What was anticipated to be a four-hour trek turned into a grueling three-hour ordeal under the scorching sun. Fatigue and frustration spread through the team like wildfire, and astonishingly, on the very first day, our entire team decided to abort the mission.

With heavy hearts, we retraced our steps to the Thankoyan Waterfall. Fortuitously, we stumbled upon a joom ghar, a house crafted by tribal communities to store their harvest. It was a welcome refuge that spared us the task of setting up tents.

A Solo Decision and New Beginnings

Refusing to let disappointment define our expedition, I made a daring decision to continue the journey alone, leaving the team behind. I embarked on a solo adventure to connect with a nearby tribal community, a choice that would soon prove to be one of my best decisions on this trip.

Fate smiled upon me that night, as I crossed paths with a team of three fellow adventurers. Without hesitation, I joined forces with them, ready to continue the quest for the hidden waterfalls.

Chasing Waterfalls: Ladhmorog, Jamroom, and Palonkhiyang

The next morning, we set our sights on three captivating waterfalls: Ladhmorog, Jamroom, and Palonkhiyang.

Our journey took us to Ladhmorog first and then on to Jamroom. Both waterfalls stood on opposite sides of a river, and during our return, we reveled in the serenity of the Palonkhiyang waterfall.

Palonkhiyang, in particular, captivated us with its unique architecture. It resembled a natural pool with an infinity view, a testament to the artistic craftsmanship of Mother Nature herself.

Journey’s End at Kratong Waterfall

Our final day beckoned, and with it, the prospect of reaching Kratong waterfall, an obscure and less-traveled route. As we navigated this wild terrain, we braved the unknown and, ultimately, succeeded in reaching our destination, concluding our memorable Alikodom expedition.

The Alikodom expedition was a testament to our unwavering determination and adventurous spirit. Our journey to discover the hidden waterfalls of Alikodom challenged us physically and emotionally but rewarded us with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Alikodom is indeed a hidden gem in the heart of Bandarban, waiting to be explored by those who dare to chase waterfalls and embrace the wild.