A Memorable Visit to Maowa and Padma Bridge

A Memorable Visit to Maowa and Padma Bridge

Padma Bridge, the longest bridge in Bangladesh, had always been the talk of the town while under construction. One side of the bridge, Maowa, had earned quite a reputation as a place for relaxation and mouthwatering Ilish fry (Hilsha fish fry). As the construction of Padma Bridge progressed, it became an unexpected tourist attraction, making it a must-visit spot atop the Ilish fry experience.

With a few friends, we decided to embark on a journey to Maowa to witness both the beauty of the place and the marvel of the Padma Bridge construction. Though we all resided in Dhaka, our different hometowns brought us to Maowa, where we would reunite.

After a delightful breakfast, we secured a troller, a small boat with a motor engine, for a couple of hours. The troller took us out onto the Padma River and anchored near a small island, close to the Padma Bridge. We spent time on the island, capturing numerous photos (HaHaHa). Our cameras were filled with images of ferries and bulkheads, frequently moving in anticipation of the bridge’s imminent opening, which would alter their routes.

Later, we returned to the Maowa ghat and ordered the famous Ilish fry. One or two of my friends even collaborated with the chef to prepare our meal, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

In the afternoon, we boarded an anchored launch, a large boat with an engine, and savored a few more moments of tranquility by the river. It was a day filled with adventure, gastronomic delight, and beautiful scenery — a truly memorable trip to Maowa and the ever-fascinating Padma Bridge.

Our visit to Maowa and the Padma Bridge was a day filled with adventure, culinary delights, and breathtaking scenery. The allure of the Padma Bridge during its construction, the charm of Maowa, and the delectable Ilish fry all combined to create an unforgettable experience. As we departed the banks of the Padma, we carried with us not just photographs, but cherished memories that would stay with us for a lifetime. This day was a reminder of the beauty of our country, the joy of exploration, and the warmth of friendship.