Kuakata, Witnessing the Daughter of the Sea

Kuakata, Witnessing the Daughter of the Sea

Kuakata, often referred to as the “Daughter of the Sea,” was our destination for the very first time. Nestled in the district of Patuakhali, this charming place is renowned for its unique vantage point that allows you to witness both the mesmerizing sunset and the enchanting sunrise.

A Memorable Exploration

I embarked on an adventure to Kuakata with one of my oldest friends, opting for a journey by launch. It was our inaugural experience riding a launch, and our excitement knew no bounds. While there are multiple ways to reach Kuakata, we chose the route through Barishal due to the availability of luxurious launches. From Barishal, buses seamlessly transport you to Kuakata, leaving you just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent beach.

Embracing Kuakata’s Beauty

Upon arrival, we swiftly booked a hotel within a mere 5 minutes and rushed to the sea. My love for the sea is unwavering, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend time by its shores. In the afternoon, we arranged for a bike to explore the surroundings. The bike was scheduled to arrive before sunrise, taking us to the nearby attractions in Kuakata. Our tour included visits to unique islands, the serene Jhaobon (small forests adorned with trees), a tribal village, an old temple, and more. We managed to complete our site tour before 8 AM, savoring every moment.

Exploring Barishal’s Charms

Our bus back to Barisal was scheduled for 1 PM. In Barisal, we made the most of our time by visiting a few key places, including an old lake, a famous park, and a sweet shop, before boarding our launch. The next morning, we journeyed back to Dhaka, our hearts filled with the magic of Kuakata and the memories of a truly remarkable adventure.

Kuakata, the “Daughter of the Sea,” left an indelible mark on our hearts. The beauty of witnessing both sunrise and sunset at a single location, the thrill of riding a launch for the first time, and the enchanting sights and experiences in Kuakata and Barishal made this trip a truly unforgettable journey. It was a reminder of the wondrous places waiting to be explored in our beautiful country. Kuakata will forever hold a special place in our travel diaries, and we eagerly anticipate our return to its serene shores.