Tanguar Haor, Serenity Afloat

Tanguar Haor, Serenity Afloat

In recent times, Tanguar Haor has emerged as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Bangladesh. With its luxurious houseboats and serene surroundings, it has become an ideal place for a family getaway. On my first visit, the houseboats hadn’t reached Sunamganj city, so we had to travel to Tahirpur to board them. However, now, these houseboats are conveniently available just a 5-minute walk from the bus stand in Sunamganj.

This time, I decided to try something new by joining a group and reserving a medium-sized traditional steel boat. Though I’ve never been a fan of relaxed tours, having an old friend with me convinced me to give it a shot.

Boat Onboarding

The entire Tanguar Haor tour includes visits to several places, such as the Jadukata river, Barikka Tila, Shimul Baghan, Niladri Lake, and more. Our boat would take us to each of these places, anchor itself, and allow us to explore these picturesque locations. Our food and accommodations were also right on the boat. The boat staff prepared delicious meals for us and ensured we had all the necessary ingredients and ample water on board before we set off. At the end of our journey, the boat would return us to Sunamganj.

Sightseeing Adventures

After boarding the boat, we enjoyed a scenic journey from Sunamganj to Tahirpur. Along the way, we marveled at the lush paddy fields and rolling hills in our sight. Our first stop was at Shimul Bagan, and just like my previous visit, it was a vibrant green oasis.

We later ventured to a delightful spot on the Jadukata river, perfect for a refreshing swim. We jumped from the boat over and over again, capturing unforgettable moments with a few photos.

As night fell, we anchored our boat near a bustling market, where I was amazed to see nearly 100 other boats, all catering to tourists. By this time, we had formed strong bonds with our fellow travelers. We had a blast singing popular songs together, as some of them had brought a guitar along.

The next morning, we set off to explore the Niladri Lake and even hired a bike to visit Barikka Tila, a hill with breathtaking views.

As we returned to the boat, a heavy downpour started, making our journey back to Sunamganj an adventure in itself.

Tanguar Haor is indeed a hidden gem for family adventures. It offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration, and the houseboat experience is one you won’t easily forget. From scenic landscapes to impromptu guitar jam sessions with newfound friends, this journey was a delightful mix of serenity and camaraderie that will stay with me for a long time.