Rajkandi Hill 25K: A surprising track

Rajkandi Hill 25K: A surprising track

Rajkandi Hill 25K is the most beloved event for runners. Since I started running, runners have always talked about two events: the Marine Drive Ultra and the Rajkandi event. One of the renowned running communities is developed in the Rajkandi area. It is one of the very few running events organized by runners. I registered for the event a few months back. All of a sudden, in two consecutive weeks, I participated in an ultra-marathon and a full marathon. Usually, after these long-distance runs, a long recovery period is required. However, after hearing all the good stories from the runners, I decided to move forward and participate in the Rajkandi Hill 25K. It was a tough decision for my body but worth every bit.

I reached there very early in the morning by train. Moulavibazar is one of the most favorite places in Bangladesh, and I've always been fond of running through the tea gardens. Fortunately, this running track was also on the Dankan Brothers tea estate, and my surprises started along the route.

We started our run on time. After 200 meters on the road, we moved to an open rice field. Then, after one and a half kilometers, we went to a hill in a tea garden. According to my previous knowledge from other runners, this should be the rest of the track. To my surprise, after a few kilometers, we left the tea garden and entered a rubber tree garden. My reaction at the time was, "Nice one." But things changed dramatically when we were done completing the rubber garden area. There were cascades here and there. The beauty of nature confused me—was I in a running event or on another expedition in the Bandarban area? After 10 kilometers, we had to cross a 200-meter hill and found a very old temple.

The last time I completed a 25K distance in 3 hours, and initially this time, I planned to take more time as I was tired from the last two weeks of long-distance runs. But the road was too beautiful. In some places, instead of running, we were doing a photoshoot. When I reached the finish point, the organizers had arranged a feast just like a wedding festival.

A few of my friends were coming to the next district to travel, and I had plans to accompany them. I rushed to Sylhet from Moulavibazar. Their bus was late, so I reached there before them. In two days, we visited Lovachora, Dibir Hor, and Lalakhal. Among these places, I had visited Lalakhal before, but with the right company, travel is always fun.

It was a great memory, especially finding stories while running the Rajkandi Hill 25K and visiting Lovachora.