I Completed My First Half Marathon

I Completed My First Half Marathon

Half Marathon Chp and Medal

One day, I heard that one of my colleagues was going for a run, and there were two categories: 7.5KM and 15KM. With only three days left to participate in the event, I decided to take the plunge.

Since the registration deadline had already passed, I couldn’t officially join the race. However, the event would take place on public roads, so I planned to run alongside my colleague. With no prior experience in racing and no knowledge of the rules, I was even running late on the race day. Instead of attempting the 15KM, I joined the second lap and completed the 7.5KM option. After the first half kilometer, I slowed down to a pace resembling a turtle’s and ended up walking more than running, but I managed to finish the race.

Unofficial 7.5KM

That experience inspired me to set a new goal: completing a half marathon. I registered for a race that was scheduled to happen in two months, giving me ample time to prepare.

At the beginning, I could only run for 10 minutes straight at a speed of 8 KM/hour. Instead of pushing myself too hard, I stuck to this routine regularly. Every weekend, I increased the distance by combining 3KM of running with 3KM of walking and continued with strength training.

Weekend 3KM Run

During this training period, I also registered for another running event, a 10KM race scheduled one week before the half marathon.

After a month of running and strength training, I introduced swimming into my routine. Typically, two to three times a week, I swam for around 15–20 minutes in a nearby lake.

As the 10KM race day approached, my confidence grew. Combining running and walking, I was able to comfortably cover 7/8 KM. My strategy was simple: run 1KM, then walk 1KM, and repeat for the entire distance.

On the day of the 10KM race, I completed it comfortably with 5KM of running and 5KM of walking. My plan was to run 1KM, walk 1KM, and continue this pattern throughout the race. It took me approximately 1 hour and 17 minutes to complete the 10KM distance.

Now, with only one week left before the half marathon, I made a risky decision. I attempted to run 10KM in just 1 hour and 20 minutes without any rest, three days before the big race. It turned out to be a significant mistake, as my leg muscles were sore, and I found it difficult to walk due to the pain. I was faced with a dilemma: should I even participate in the half marathon? Moreover, in the following three weeks, I had two more half marathons scheduled. If I pushed too hard and injured myself during the first one, I might have to skip the next two.

My foolished 10KM run 3 days before the half marathon

Despite all the doubts and challenges, I decided to go ahead and join the marathon. The day before the race, the weather turned cloudy, with heavy rain causing flooded roads.

Considering all these factors:

- Muscle pain
- Bad weather
- Risk of a permanent injury

I participated in the first half marathon and completed it in 2 hours and 38 minutes.

Completed the half marathon

During the race, despite the pain in my legs and the unfavorable weather, I felt surprisingly good. I stuck to my pre-planned timing for distance checks every 20 minutes. I even found a group with a relaxed pacer aiming for a 2-hour and 35-minute finish time, and I enjoyed running alongside them.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and I have two more consecutive half marathons in the next two weeks (wish me luck). In the coming year, I plan to take on full marathons. Until then, I’m signing out.


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