Exploring Bangladesh’s Serene Sea Beaches

Exploring Bangladesh’s Serene Sea Beaches

In the last five months, I’ve had the opportunity to explore five beautiful sea beaches in Bangladesh, excluding Cox’s Bazar. While I have a deep love for sea beaches, it wasn’t my initial intention to visit them consecutively. Nevertheless, as I planned my trips over the past couple of months, these enchanting sea beaches somehow found their way onto my itinerary.

During this time, I had the pleasure of visiting GuliaKhali twice, as well as solo trips to Patenga and BashBaria. I’d like to provide an overview of how you can explore these destinations. Keep in mind that I’m not a tourist seeking fancy hotels or indulgent meals, but rather a traveler seeking authentic experiences.

#1 GuliaKhali

After completing Chanranath Pahar trekking

GuliaKhali is a hidden gem among sea beaches. It stands out for its lush greenery and winding mangrove-like landscape. I’ve visited it twice, once in September and again in November, both times for day trips.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of GuliaKhali, you can explore nearby attractions such as Chanranath Pahar and Mohamaya Lake. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can embark on the JhorJhori Trail or Sonaisori Trail.

To reach GuliaKhali, follow these steps:

By bus, take the Dhaka-Chittagong bus and ask the supervisor to drop you off in Sitakundu. Alternatively, you can take a Dhaka-Feni bus and ask to be dropped off at Mohipal. From Mohipal, catch a local bus to Sitakundu, which is about a 50-minute journey. If you prefer to travel by train, first head to Chittagong and then make your way to Sitakundu. Some mail trains stop at Sitakundu station. From Sitakundu, you can hire a CNG to reach GuliaKhali, which is a 25–30 minute drive from Sitakundu city.

#2 Bashbaria

BashBaria is a lesser-known sea beach that surprises visitors with its magnificent 500-meter steel walkway over the sea. I visited BashBaria solo, but unfortunately, I encountered high tide, making it difficult to capture clear photos.

To get to BashBaria, follow these directions:

By bus, take the Dhaka-Chittagong bus and request to be dropped off at BashBaria Bazar. Alternatively, you can opt for a Dhaka-Feni bus and ask to be dropped at Mohipal. From Mohipal, take a local bus to reach BashBaria Bazar, which is approximately a 40-minute journey. If you prefer train travel, first make your way to Chittagong and then head to BashBaria Bazar. Some mail trains stop at Sitakundu station, from where you can proceed to BashBaria Bazar.

#3 Patenga

Patenga offers a unique combination of an anchored ship and the beauty of a seashore. Located approximately 40–50 minutes from Chittagong city, it’s a destination worth exploring.

You can reach Patenga by taking a Dhaka-Chittagong bus or train. Notably, some bus counters are located very close to Patenga Sea Beach, so it’s a good idea to contact the bus authority before purchasing your ticket.

#4 Kuakata

Kuakata, also known as Sagor Konna Kuataka, is a picturesque destination where you can witness both sunrise and sunset from the same beach. There are also plenty of attractions near Kuakata, such as GangaMotir Chor, JhaoBon, ShutkiPolli, and the Local Tribes Area.

Kuakata is located in Patuakhali district, and you can reach it by bus or launch. If you prefer the launch option, there are two routes:

  1. Through Borisal: Many luxury launches operate between Dhaka and Borisal. From Borisal, it’s a 4.5-hour journey to Kuakata.

  2. Through Patuakhali: There are also launches between Dhaka and Patuakhali. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach Kuakata from Patuakhali.

By bus, you can find direct bus services between Dhaka and Kuakata.

I hope this overview helps you plan your journey to these amazing destinations. If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to leave a response below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Safe travels!