Adrika Eco Cottage, It's been 5 Years!

Adrika Eco Cottage, It's been 5 Years!

Back in 2019, I was on the roof of a Jeep and decided to migrate to a premium cottage instead of the regular one. We were on our way to Sajek Valley. Four of us put in additional money and booked the cottage on the way.

Now, in 2024, one of my tour mates coincidentally booked the same cottage.

This time, eight of us decided to embrace the clouds in the beautiful Sajek Valley. Since it was just a week before the Eid festival, the valley was quite empty.

We reached Khagrachari early in the morning and after having breakfast, took the nicest jeep, called "Chander Gari" locally. On our way to Sajek, we enjoyed the amazing nature and during stops, tasted the local fruits.

Since my last visit, Sajek has changed a lot. There are a lot of cottages now and they have electricity. The Adrika Eco Cottage has merged with Lusai Cottage. I saw the old room and felt nostalgic.

During lunch, we tried their local bamboo-made chicken. Then we headed to a hill called Kanglak. We returned in the evening. At night, a barbecue was arranged for us.

The next day, we heard a warning that the road was blocked by locals for some of their demands. However, after a few hours of negotiation, the army managed to escort us to Khagrachari city.

There, after having our lunch, we first went to the beautiful Risang waterfall. Since the waterfall was slippery and sloped, we used a rope for support. Then we went to a cave and crossed it.

It was almost dark everywhere. We returned to Dhaka that same night.