Cruising over kaptai lake

Cruising over kaptai lake

A few of us were planning a trip, and Rangamati was one of the options. We were also considering some very popular places like Sajek. In the end, we finalized the destination with only one day's notice before the trip.

From the very beginning, we wanted a relaxed trip to enjoy some leisure time. At the last moment, when we were looking for a resort, none of them were available, and some were beyond our budget. I had previously visited Rangamati three times and remembered a park called "Polwel Park," where I noticed some nice resorts. Suddenly, I made a call and found that cottages were available and within our budget. Soon, we bought tickets for a total of seven people.

We reached Rangamati early in the morning and headed to our cottage. Fortunately, the cottage was empty, and we checked in immediately. On our first day, we had no plans other than being lazy. We ordered our food from the park's cafe and then went to the swimming pool. We spent about three hours in the pool.

Returning from the pool, we took a nap for three to four hours. In the afternoon, we went for our lunch. The park had kayaking facilities, and we did not want to miss it. So, in the evening, we cruised over the beautiful Kaptai Lake with the kayak.

The next morning, we rushed to the cafe because of the time limit for the complimentary breakfast. Then we hired a wooden boat for the whole day. It took us to a few remote places around Kaptai Lake. On our way to Shuvlong Waterfall, we ordered our lunch at a cafe that served only local and traditional foods.

We were lucky to have a thunderstorm on our way to Shuvlong, which brought more water to the waterfall. From the waterfall, we visited a temple and then headed back to the restaurant for our lunch. The food items were both unique and delicious.

It was almost evening when we returned to Rangamati.