Cox's Bazar Elite Half Marathon: Confronting the Humidity Challenge

Cox's Bazar Elite Half Marathon: Confronting the Humidity Challenge

A Unique Running Experience in Cox's Bazar

I recently participated in one of the most interesting running events of my life, held in Cox's Bazar, renowned for having the world's longest sea beach. The race took place alongside this picturesque beach on the famous Marine Drive, a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. Arrival and Anticipation Joined by two friends who were excited about both the event and exploring Cox's Bazar (CBS) and its surroundings, we arrived at Cox's Bazar a day early. We spent that day relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty of the sea beach


Race Day Challenges and Scenery

On race day, the organizer provided buses to the starting point. The humid seaside environment posed a unique challenge, and I maintained a steady pace of approximately 7 km per hour. The first 10 kilometers went smoothly, with only brief stops at hydration points. The latter part of the race was more demanding, but the experience of running beside the sea, with the wind and the sound of the waves, was exhilarating.

Finishing the Race and Post-Race Celebration

Although I aimed to complete the race in under 2 hours and 30 minutes, I finished in 2 hours and 43 minutes. Post-race, a delightful surprise awaited us – a buffet organized by the event team, featuring a variety of seafood. After enjoying the meal and taking some memorable photos, we returned to Cox's Bazar city.

My friends and I wasted no time in exploring the area, hiring an auto rickshaw to tour the nearby attractions. We spent the evening sightseeing before returning to the city to rest.

This trip to Cox's Bazar was not just about the running event; it was a journey filled with adventure, camaraderie, and the beauty of one of Bangladesh's most famous locations. The race alongside the beach, the scenic beauty, and the time spent with friends made it an unforgettable experience. With our spirits high, we eventually headed back to Dhaka, carrying with us memories of a fantastic adventure.