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AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate: My Journey, My Perspective

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate: My Journey, My Perspective

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·Dec 28, 2020·

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Recently I cleared the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam. While the memory is still fresh, I would like to share my journey.

This is the notes I took during my preparation and the Github Repo.

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Who am I?

I am a software engineer. My primary tool is Node.js. Along with Node.js, In my tool-belt, I carry React.js, Angular, Feathers JS, MongoDB, Bloickchain, and now obviously AWS.

I had a little experience on AWS like managing the VPS with application layer and database layer, configuring the security group, Route53 and S3.

I cleared the exam on December 11, 2020 on my first attempt.

You should know…

Keep couple of things in your mind if you plan for the certification:

  • A certificate is nothing but a paper, the hands on experience is the keys here. So even though in many cases it is not necessary, do the hands on as much as possible.

  • In exam, sometimes AWS acts like a salesman. They are not just testing your knowledge, also try to tell you all the goodies they are providing.

My Exam Feedback

I found almost similar 10–15 questions from wizlab and Tutorial Dojo practice exams.

10–15 questions were from hybrid architecture, specially focused on storage solution. Since It was my weak point, these questions are still on my mind.

Exam duration was 2 hours 10 minutes. For me It took 1.30 hours to complete the exam.

Then I went through the flagged question one more time.

I took Person with Vue format. The exam-center experience was quite frustrating. The person who handle these arrangement examination was late 30 minutes. Computer monitor crashed in the middle of the exam and no one there to fix it immediately. I reported these incident after the exam.

My Preparation

I decided to prepare for this certification almost a year ago (December 2019). I considered both the Solution Architect Associate and Developer Associate.

I took the slow and steady process. Look at the theory and do the hands on as much as possible.

Sometimes I even got out of the syllabus and exploring the services.

It took almost a year, although with consistency, I think 4 months can cover the content for this exam.

I used to take notes for almost everything I was taught during video content or practice exam. I used to write them in markdown format. Recently wrote a blog engine to make them publish like a blog.

Contents I Used For The Exam

I think Stephane Maarek and Tutorial Dojo does a great job.

My primary video content was Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

For practice question I brought AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

Question bank from Jon Bonso are available in Udemy and Tutorial Dojo. Go for the Tutorial Dojo portal. It has so much extra feature for practice.

Along with them I also purchase couple of courses in Udemy, I will list them below.

Pet Project I Did During Preparation

All The Courses I Followed

**Stephane Maarek video content and [Tutorial Dojo](** practice questions and some hands on practice is enough for the certification. Although I purchased and completed the following courses.

Cheat Sheets Found Fascinating

Blogs I Found Motivational and Helpful

Git Repositories I Found Helpful

Tools I Found (An Android App)

Use while you are in the waiting room to visit your doctor(LOL)

Docs I Found Helpful

Question Banks I Found (Both Free and Premium)

FAQ I Read (At Least Tried and Being Suggested)

White Paper I Read(At Least Tried and Being Suggested)

Reddit Post I Read (Need Some Motivation??? Check the first one.)

AWS Re:Invent I Watched (Again Tried and Being Suggested)

I would say It was great to learn all these cloud tools.

Leave a comment if there’s any query or suggestion.

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