Run-Bangla 10k, A Refreshing Recovery Run

Run-Bangla 10k, A Refreshing Recovery Run

After completing three consecutive half marathons in just three weeks, I decided to wind down the month with a 10K run. I'd like to share my experience with you, which I'd like to call a "recovery run."

Last month's "Run Bangla" event had left everyone buzzing with excitement, so it was no surprise that around 1300 people eagerly joined this event. The morning of the run was filled with familiar faces from previous running events, creating a sense of camaraderie.

Before the event kicked off, the organizers treated us to some free snacks – a thoughtful touch that helped us fuel up and get ready for the race. We took the opportunity to capture some photos and share some laughs, adding to the anticipation in the air.

During my last 10K run at the FCB Mirpur event a month ago, I completed it in 1 hour and 16 minutes. This time around, I had a plan to push myself beyond my limits. As the race began, I decided to forego my usual breaks and ran continuously for the first 6 kilometers. It was a challenging but exhilarating experience.

As I approached the halfway mark, I decided to switch between running and walking to maintain my stamina and performance. This strategy kept me going steadily.

There were some concerns about the hydration points during the event, with suggestions that they could be improved. However, I managed just fine. Since the race started at 6 AM after the sun had risen, I opted to pour water over my head to stay cool and focused.

At the 9-kilometer mark, I made a crucial mistake by misreading a sign and assuming there were 2 kilometers left when, in reality, there was only 1 kilometer to go. This error led me to slow down unnecessarily, but I soon realized my mistake.

In the end, I completed the 10K distance in 1 hour and 7 minutes, which was a significant improvement from my previous time. This recovery run was not only a great way to unwind after the intense half marathons but also a valuable learning experience. It reminded me that even small miscalculations can affect our performance. I look forward to more exciting running adventures in the future.